KRYSTALA'S KREATIONS * Handcrafted Personalized Artistic Jewelry by Design

Krystala’s Kreations: Inspired by Family, Dedicated to mom – Your beauty & strength will forever amaze me. You are the Queen of Bling, on Earth and in Heaven.
I began my journey of designing jewelry in honor of my amazing mom. Not a day went by that she wasn't drenched in oversized silver and turquoise treasures . Each piece of her jewelry has so many priceless memories and stories. Many of the treasured pieces were gifted to her from my uncles, who are artists in Taos, New Mexico.
I had the privilege of being raised in a family of free spirited artists and creative souls.
Our summers and holidays were spent in Taos. Thus my love affair with turquoise began.
I am forever thankful to the amazing artists and local Native Americans who invited us into their homes and hearts. Their unique spirit and cultures have influenced me in many ways over the years.
My creations are inspired by my love of New Mexico, and my love affair with turquoise.
My love and adoration for my family inspire me to follow my dreams, and appreciate each day, as we never know what tomorrow may hold.

My mission is to produce classic and timeless art, by hand and with passion!

Again I want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way, and  thank you for allowing us  to create for you!  

To my dear friend Walter, none of this would be possible without you. You are a gem of gems, and my heart will forever cherish your contagious smiles & laughter, and your kind heart & friendship. I love you sweet friend!

**Darlene, who knew our friendship would someday blossom into such a creative partnership? ! 

Your talent and passion for photography makes me shine gal!  

 *** Keep your dreams alive. To achieve anything requires faith & belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication.  Always remember that all things are possible for those who believe. ***

*** Follow Your Arrow ***

Made in Texas, by hand, with love